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    Pendle Winter Race League- In addition to our session in Castleford on the December 7th there is also a fun slalom…
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    New Sharks Saturday Sessions -
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    Another Sharks session added for September !!!! Saturday 21st September at SKI ROSSENDALE, Haslingden Old Rd, Rawte…
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    PENDLE WINTER RACE LEAGUE Yes it’s that time of year again - an upcoming fun slalom race league to bring to your a…
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    Get you skis and boots ready !! The Sharks are back, next session is 09.00 - 11.00 on Saturday 14th September at S…
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    Sharks are 30 this year and we’re going to have a party !! Get it in your diary -Saturday 26th October 2019 at the…
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    SKI ROSSENDALE – SUMMER RACE LEAGUE - The previous outings have been thrilling so don’t mi…
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    Reminder - Session Cancelled 29th June -